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You Get What You Pay For (YGWYPF)

Communication is rapidly changing and governments, businesses, the arts and organisations are now increasingly using live-streaming to convey their messages to large groups of people. In this context, the staging, audio and video quality of a production is inherently important to enable the content to be fully understood, enjoyed and accepted by viewers.

Accordingly, the “producers” of this content – whether municipal council, public hearings, governments, concert producers, sports, etc. –  that broadcast with a poor streaming quality can lose significant impact if their production is of lesser quality – which could even be counterproductive.   In a lot of these case, whether you are using a free streaming platform or taking a DIY approach, “You get what you pay for”.   Consequently, an enthusiasm and acceptance by viewers can best be realised by using professional live-stream webcasters whose raison d’etre is the production of content specifically catered for web broadcasting.

Although YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms can host live streaming, these are only “Tools” and an understanding of how and when to use thee tools is imperative.  In some cases, these tools might not be the right ones for the job at hand.

Why can’t I just use YouTube/Insta/FB Live to livestream my event; it is free and also supports live streaming… isn’t that the obvious live streaming solution answer? Using a tool for its intended purpose is important to produce better results in any context, likewise, live streaming services and social media outlets can both serve a great purpose when used together correctly. These platforms support live streaming, however is not a “live streaming solution”; it is a social sharing platform that hosts your pre-recorded and live video.  Social media platforms are useful alternatives to reaching an audience, however when in need of professional live streaming services and consultation it may be best to enlist some help.

Posting on free platforms can save money, but when your message matters, it may be best to evaluate if you are using the right tool for the job. You don’t have to settle for a inflexible, one-size fits all approach and when your reputation is at stake, there are options available to tailor make a solution that services the organization, its message and the audience. If you are evaluating whether or not to DIY and use a free platform, ask yourself if this solution is right:

•    Does my event require authentication?
•    How do you want the viewers to interact (questions, polls, slides, etc.) with the broadcast?
•    Is it important to your organization to make your content accessible (translation, Lip reading, Closed Captioning, Sign Language, Transcription, etc.)?
•    Do you need help with broadcast quality video production on-site?
•    Are you hoping to monetize your event through pay-per-view?
•    Is there a requirement to integrate/interface with any other 3rd party platforms (LMS, videoconferencing, meeting management platforms, etc.
•    Is your event of a “sensitive nature” and does it require restricting access such as IP/Geo blocking?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you might need a little extra help and you should consider reaching out to the Pros.  By asking these questions of your event, it will influence what direction to go and which tool(s) to may be best to leverage.

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