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How do I get started streaming my webcasts today?

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Listed below are the three easy steps on how you can get started broadcasting your media today with iSi LIVE!


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Do you archive the webcast for re-broadcast or VOD?

We provide complimentary hosting of any webcast for 1 year.

How long are the archives kept?

The standard  live event is archived for a minimum of 1 year with the option to have us extend the hosting indefinitely.

Can I download a local copy?

At any point, you’ll have access to the server side copy for download.  Should you wish for the source files, we can also arrange access with over FTP or save the files to a drive.

Do we get access to any reporting/statistics of the live and/or archived webcast?

Absolutely – we provide client access to multi-layered, custom google analytics for any and all your events.  The metrics very detailed and you can easily run custom reports to best showcase the information you’re looking for.

How soon will my archives be available?

We generally promise 24 hours but in most cases, the live webcast are made available for re-broadcast minutes after the live event is finished.

Can you rewind a live webcast if I missed something?

YES – Live rewind is a feature we have recently been getting requests for and are happy to now have that option available.

Who has iSi LIVE done work for?

See our list of current clients on our Clients page.

Who are iSi LIVE’s partners?

See our list of current partners on our Partners page.

What is the first step to setting up a webcast with iSi LIVE?

First by contacting our customer support team who will work with you to create a customized webcast experience. With you, we will identify the target audience for your webcast and design an engaging and special experience for your viewers. We can help from anything such as selecting a venue to overseeing a full broadcast quality production worthy of prime-time television.

Can I add PowerPoint slides to my webcast?

YES – we have created a unique PowerPoint webcasting platform that enables you to upload your PowerPoint files and have them viewed right alongside the video.  Please note that we request access to the presentation documents in advance of the live event.

Can I integrate a Skype, Videoconference ,Teleconference feed into my webcast?

Absolutely – just let us know in advance so we can test the connections to ensure the best possible quality when we are ready to go live.

How do participants ask questions to a live webcast?

There are a number of options available.  the most common is an email submission box right on the webcast landing page which gives the viewer an opportunity to submit a question without being directed to another page or email client.  that question is sent to an email address, generally managed by the client who can respond via email or even have the presenters answer in real time.  Other options include live blogging, video or teleconference and more.  Let us know the level of interactivity you wish to have with the viewers and we can help provide to tools to accomodate.

Is it possible to make viewers login and what kind of information/authentication is available?

Natively our webcasts do not require any authentication or any special programs -all you need is a computer and internet connection.  Should you wish some form of authentication, we have a number of customized options available.  The simplest would be something as simple as a non-public url and as robust as a multi-tiered authentication with passwords, usernames and security questions.  We are happy to work with you to create a webcast as open or as secure as you like.

How soon should I start planning my webcast?

We have successfully delivered webcasts with a little more than a few hours notice but ideally, we like to plan for a couple of weeks at least.  A lot goes into our webcasts – site visits, internet testing and organizing, creating custom webcast pages, creating the viewer experience, etc.  The more time we have, the closer we can work with you to create something special for your viewers.  it also give us more opportunity to organize and also build in contingency plans as we pride ourselves on being able to overcome any technical hurdles that may arise as they often do in the world of live events.  A common anecdote we use in our office is – “the clients don’t pay us for when everything goes right – they pay us for how we are able to react when things go wrong”.

How much bandwidth do I need to watch a webcast?

Our standard webcasts support multi-bitrate streaming which means we do a high, medium and low version so people with different internet access, can choose the quality that best suits their connectivity.  These high, medium and low versions can be customized to best suit your needs.  if you’re worried about viewer connectivity in more rural areas we can scale it down and we can bump it up if your viewers will want a high resolution feed.  Generally, the low stream is set around 150 Kbps, the medium is 500Kbps, and 1Meg for the high.  Upon request, we can also provide an very low bandwidth , audio only version.

How much does webcasting (do your services) cost?

Webcasting costs can vary a great deal depending on the level of complexity, amount of production support required, number of languages being supported, etc. We treat each event as something special rather than an off the shelf solution. Give us a call and we’ll help you customize a unique webcast experience that you’ll be proud of.

Why (should I choose) iSi?

We are arguably to the most experienced group of live webcasters in the world. We set standards rather than meet them and have unparalleled customer support. Choose iSi if you NEED your event to be a success.

What is the best way to contact you? (For general inquiries, for customer service)

ISI has normal business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mon – Fri excepting holidays. In all circumstances we have 24 hour support by calling our toll free number (888.683.5727) and using option #4 which reaches the on-duty technical support resources. Alternatively, please feel free to email us at

How much bandwidth do I need at the venue to do a webcast?

We like to send the best possible feed out of the venue but understand there can sometime be limitations to bandwidth access so we can scale up or down depending on availability.  Ideally we prefer at least 1 Meg upload but we’ll take a lot more if we can get it.  If internet access is not ideal we do have some alternative solutions and are happy to work with you and the venue to ensure we have adequate internet connectivity to ensure the best possible experience for your viewers.

What is my webcast page going to look like?

Here is where we get creative!!!  We will work with you to create a custom page that best showcases your organization and it’s message.  Everything is customized – from the size of the video window, downloadable content, the features such as live blogging, question submission, slides, etc. and much, much more.  We work with your team to create a unique experience for the viewer – rather than some template.  We can also provide you with an Iframe should you wish to embed the webcast player and subsequent features into your page.

Are there ads or branding on your webcast?

No! We are here to help deliver your message – not assert some agenda or advertise our company.  We help facilitate the best possible viewer experience by showcasing your message and organization without any distractions.  Should you wish to showcase other sponsors/advertising as a part of the webcast, we are happy to provide the tools and resources to do so – just ask!

Can you edit my webcast after the event?

YES -We offer editing and graphic services at an hourly rate – let us know what you are looking to do and we can give you an idea of time required and budget.

Who do I contact if I run into trouble?

It is standard for us to provide technical support link from the webcast so if a viewer runs into any trouble during a live webcast, they can do some basic trouble shooting and if required, can contact ISI Support staff directly.  It is of the utmost importance that your viewers are able to successfully participate – so we will bend over backwards to ensure a great experience.

Why should I webcast my event?

Reasons to Webcast

  • Dramatically widen access to information and events
  • The connection made by audio and video is unparalleled
  • Messaging is clear, and context is much more appreciated vs. written documentation of a meeting
  • Improve transparency and accountability – promote democracy
  • Demonstrate a leading edge image
  • Create rich multi-media on-demand content for your web site
  • Promote and market your organization, events, products and services
  • Detailed audience tracking
  • The public can review publicly available content live or at their convenience as all webcasts are archived (Video on Demand)
  • Accessibility: The audio provides a simple way for visually impaired users to have a message delivered to them
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Increase training revenues – Distance education and training is cost-effective, freeing up budgets for other items
  • Internal workers have easy access either live or on-demand to content that is targeted and inexpensive to produce
  • Universal message across a departmental workforce
If my event is on the weekend, but I need help, is your customer service available?

Yes – of course. Give us a call and we’ll do everything in our power to make your event a success!

I want to broadcast an event to people who do not speak English. Are your streaming services provided in any other languages?

Yes – we can accommodate any number of language feeds available. If you currently do not have a Simultaneous Interpretation service in place, please let us know and we can refer to you assist in obtaining one

I have an event this week(end). Can you help?

Yes – of course. Give us a call and we’ll do everything in our power to make your event a success!


How does iSi LIVE make my streams secure from threats?

Using Our Secure Tools!

Here at iSi Live all of our streams are encoded with an Application Programming Interface (API). This API has been developed through iSi LIVE and made sure to secure and play your streams in the safest way possible.

Contact us to learn more about our API.

Released April 2018

Download the CDN Brochure Here!

iSi LIVE works tirelessly with all of its customers to ensure they get nothing but the best and the highest quality coverage of their events. We work with all types of customers from government bodies to municipalities to school board meetings to sporting events and so on! We’re sure that we can help you with whatever you need professional coverage of.

iSi LIVE works tirelessly with all of its customers to ensure they get nothing but the best and the highest quality coverage of their events. We work with all types of customers from government bodies to municipalities to school board meetings to sporting events and so on! We’re sure that we can help you with whatever you need professional coverage of.

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