thank you very much we could go
good afternoon everyone and welcome to the operations committee meeting
of November the fifteenth twenty twenty one I now call
this meeting to order and I’m going to ask Madame
clerk to please conduct the roll call
thank you councillor singer ready
you see councillor because wind
date councillor current
here councillor Duke
here councillor laundry Altmann
you see intermountain Tasha
a we have a number of staff on the call
for this meeting this afternoon we have David shells to
director of infrastructure capital planning services Britney Harlem acting Director
of linear infrastructure services Renee Brownlee acting director of environmental
services Michael Logan acting Director water wastewater treatment compliance with
a massive director building services and chief building official Natalie
whistle the manager of collection and recycling Ryan pretty acting
traffic an asset manager and Dion … do Intel of
coordinator finance and today we have clerking Christine Hodgins
before you begin I like take minutes but before we
proceed to remind everyone to keep your microphone muted if
you’re not speaking and to ensure all comments are directed
to myself the chair
K. I will now at this time ask committee members
for disclosures of pecuniary interest in the general nature there’ve
seeing and hearing none
of first up we have a presentation a waste collection
services twenty twenty one participation study this presentation provides information
on the twenty twenty one waste collection participation study and
perhaps we could ask Mr Chetcuti to introduce … the
presenter I believe it’s Natalie Gristle
thank you Madame chair yes Sir Dudley was solicitor from
of our mental services to make this presentation today and
it’s a fairly self explanatory so I will provide any
other introduction then that
thank you is there a presentation to go up on
the screen as well
okay just one moment
sorry for the delay just one moment
go ahead miss missile
thank you three chair thanks for having me this presentation
from the committee of the twenty twenty one participation study
undertaken by environmental service stop and take a closer look
at how compares the twenty eighteen participation study excite please
as you recall in twenty sixteen city council approved a
phased in approach for changes to waste collection as part
of their commitment to environmentally sustainable community the extension of
the life of our landfills as well as ongoing efforts
to reduce costs and streamline services
the first phase of the transition took place October twenty
sixteen and twenty nineteen respectively with the third and final
phase taking place earlier this year in February twenty twenty
the facing changes so the city moved from picking up
three bags every week to picking up two bags every
week in twenty sixteen and to pick up one bag
every week in twenty nineteen to now picking up two
bags every other week as of February twenty twenty one
unlimited quantities of leaving your trimming are also now collected
every other week
and with these changes residents have continued to receive unlimited
blue box recycling and green card organics collection every week
and can continue to make unlimited requests for large furniture
appliance and electronics picket excite please
the change every other week … originally thing our collection
was last phase of the transitional plan by limiting the
number of garbage bags collected the goal was to drive
up waste diversion results and in particular participation in our
green card organics program
if residents participate in all diversion programs a minor portion
of the race will be left for the garbage and
that is why adapting to less frequent garbage collection is
an established best practice to make diversion programs such as
the green card a more attractive option for managing household
waste next slide please
environmental services conducts the statistically significant participation studies to determine
the number of households actively participating in the city’s diversion
program and also to see how much waste the average
household places roadside for collection
in twenty twenty one the study was done over four
consecutive weeks in June with a focus on four areas
in the city which included KPL lively you summary west
and Ramsey lake area
this was the difficult significant study it with two thousand
nine hundred forty nine households representing the city’s approximately six
fifty thousand households within ninety five percent confidence level and
a two percent margin of error
next slide please
in twenty eighteen a participation study was also conducted in
preparation for the twenty nineteen collection change from two bags
per week to one bag per week the study was
also conducted over four consecutive weeks in the same for
areas being keep yo lively you separate West and Ramsey
Lake at that time a sample of two thousand eight
hundred and twenty nine households or study next slide please
the first read take a look at garbage the participation
rate is the percentage of households on roadside collection wrote
… several garbage at least once in the consecutive four
week period
I think it comes as no surprise that this is
a highly used program by residents with ninety percent ninety
seven percent of households in greater Sudbury we’re just waiting
on the roadside garbage collection in both twenty eighteen and
twenty twenty one next slide please
upon review of the data collected we were able to
determine that on average fifty percent of households only place
that one garbage container every other week rest thirty four
percent of households place are two or more garbage containers
every other week
with the collection frequency being every second week and twenty
twenty one if we break it down to per week
to better compare to twenty eighteen stocks this means eighty
four percent of households are only producing on average one
or less bag of garbage per week
click enter please
84 percent came from that fight please
we take a look at the percentage of households on
roadside collection wrote we sent recycling at least once in
a consecutive for we carry it again no surprise that
ninety two percent of households in greater Sudbury are participating
in the and what unlimited roadside collection a blue box
recycling material and I say ninety one percent and twenty
next slide please
in addition to a slight increase in the amount of
households placing out a blue box for collection there was
also an increase in the amount of blue box containers
placed out for collection but six percent more households facing
out three or more blue boxes in twenty twenty one
compared to twenty eighteen
next slide please
and finally we take a look at the percentage of
households on roadside collection wrote was there a green card
at least once in consecutive four week period this is
where we made the greatest strides with increase of sixteen
percent participation since twenty eighteen
thirty two percent of council the greater summary are now
participating in the unlimited protecting cart organics collection compared to
just twenty seven percent and twenty eighteen next slide please
again this is where we made the greatest strides with
the decrease in the amount of households with no green
cards and an increase in the amount of households with
one green card out
next slide please
upon review of the data collected we see a significant
increase in the household that place out a green card
for collection
a slight increase in the household that plays out three
or more blue boxes for collection
in a significant increase in the amount of households with
only one garbage bag or less per week
excite please
at the two thousand nine hundred forty nine households that
were part of the twenty twenty one participation study a
total of a hundred eighty four households were three point
six percent of households faced oppositional banks with tags in
access to the garbage bag limit
the majority of households that did place out extra garbage
with tanks only had one additional bag or container
end of the whole selectively so extra bags with tags
thirty three percent of households only had one or no
blue box … for collection and fifty four percent had
no green card out for collection
that’s light please
now we’re taking a look at the annual amount of
residential diversion frontage collected up roadside
at the end of June we saw approximately five thousand
two hundred tons of blue box recycling and two thousand
four hundred tons of green card organic material collected
we forecasted to the end of the year and if
current trends continue to be expected to see about double
the amount by end of year
this will see a slight increase the amount of blue
box material in a significant increase in the hunter green
card organic material collected as part of the residential roadside
next slide please
we take a look at the participation in our very
support programs and over the next few slides we’ll take
a closer look at each program and the participation year
over year
so in twenty twenty one so far looking at six
hundred thirty nine hundred and sixty applicants for our diaper
exemption program
21 applicants for the cloth a rebate program
252 applicants for the medical program
thirty nine applicants in our pathways program one applicant for
our pet waste a jester program and to applicants in
our storage … rent to own or subsidy program
next slide please
the driver was collections for program for families with children
under the age of four allows residents to place that
one additional clear bag of diapers per child per week
the widely used program and you’ll notice on transition transition
years such as twenty nineteen and twenty twenty one the
number of applicants increases dramatically
5 please
the cost of a review program for families with children
under the age of four is meant to help offset
the cost of purchase of cloth papers were to offset
the cost of the cloth paper rental program
the one time rebate of up to a hundred dollars
per child and this process on a first come first
serve basis
next slide please
the medical circumstance support program provides approved applicants with up
to a hundred for garbage bag takes for year for
extra waste due to medical circumstances such as incontinence products
or on recycle medical packaging
next slide please
it was a gesture rebate is available for residents that
want to purchase a dog with a jester and manage
their pet waste at home we provide a rebate of
up to fifty dollars per household
next slide please
another option for residents are looking to manage their pathways
at home but are unable to include it within the
current garbage limit is apply for garbage Clement exemption for
pet waste approved applicants must set out their garbage in
clear bags with the launch of one small privacy bank
and the exemption allows for one additional Becky placed out
for collection
next slide please
a number of pancakes soul has been steadily on the
rise and with the introduction of the online bank tech
system in late twenty nineteen we’ve seen those numbers increase
even more in addition bacon’s became more available at a
variety of locations including citizen service centres and libraries in
a few additional stores
it’s a collector so for just under three dollars and
big loser subsidize the cost of ten dollars
I can drink transition years of twenty nineteen and twenty
twenty one you’ll see those numbers tend to spike
next slide please
and finally the provision of blue boxes and green cards
the city has been providing new additional and replacement two
boxes at no additional fee to residents I was will
for roadside collection since the early nineties since twenty nineteen
more than sixty thousand blue boxes have been distributed
reports have been provided at no cost since 2016
that’s twenty nineteen more than twenty five thousand green cards
have been distributed
and our mobile app has also gained some steam over
the past two years this app allows residents to do
the pick up schedule find out what goes in the
garbage recycling or compost place an order for blue box
a green card request a large furniture appliance or electronic
pick up and so much more if you don’t already
have it downloaded on your smartphone I encourage you to
do so right now
next slide please
at the end of the presentation when they are available
for questions thank you
thank you very much miss whistle are there any questions
from the committee
accounts because
anyone else Landry Landry Altmann thank you K. councillor who
the Duke
okay okay we’ll start with council because and go ahead
thank you very much and future McIntosh of some really
wonderful information and some really great news in here …
the green car against purchased and rate participation rate going
up to forty three percent and twenty seven that’s like
really really kudos to everyone there and for this whole
plan you know and also seeing the tundra green card
organics more than doubled just since twenty eighteen so some
really great new stuff in here and very happy to
see that my my question is about the areas for
the participation study and I see that came pre all
lively new subrule west and Ramsey lake area but my
my initial reaction to that is just that none of
these areas I don’t believe any of those have a
high portion of renters what about the Donovan flour mill
… Westend or gotcha
is that a concern and will we be looking at
those areas that have renters to make sure that these
programs are working for them as well
thank you thank you miss was a
can you hear me thank you for the question okay
go ahead
and so those are the areas that were studied in
twenty eighteen we did one or a look at the
same areas again in twenty twenty one to ensure that
we are comparing apples to apples and not to oranges
and it is absolutely something that we took into consideration
so with the areas are chosen based on a number
of different factors and
in terms of looking at other locations I think it
is something that it is worth looking at and it
is something that we could we could do in the
next … participation study
I think I partnering actually has anything else to add
EM ms brown leave Trager Cameron to have anything to
S. us so I just wanted to add that the
areas were chosen based on a different test socio economic
demographics … based on assessment values of the homes so
that we would have a really good mixture of
different areas … so that’s why we chose the areas
that we did we didn’t want to go into areas
that just had single family or just had multi residential
or … you know we wanted to really good mixture
… soul
we the other thing is that this study was done
earlier on after the change to … at every other
week it was done in the month of June so
it was quite early and so we do expect that
we’ve had more
people start to participate in this program and it would
be something that we’d like to do again next year
… N. and because we are comparing again to two
thousand eighteen we would like to try and do a
completely different area next time around and see what the
result is after a full year of
every other week a collection
thank you because some costs and you have a followup
… but no I think that sounds great maybe we
could change the … through you madam chair perhaps when
we’re looking at that next … … study maybe we
can change the criteria change the way that we’re determine
the location so that we ensure motor cover other on
reconnecting yes
are you are you done at
sorry but that’s okay I’m still not even sure
can we move the bigger speed could be moot mute
the microphones please
okay so I’m I’m just gonna carry on we can
always come back to council because the necessary okay I’m
gonna move on to council on development
thank you Madame chair
can we repeat the areas again please because council because
and great brought up a really good point could we
repeat the areas miss missile
if those lively KPL
Sunday West and Ramsey Lake
councillor Andrea Ammon
thank you so if I’m looking at this most of
this is R. one very low density if we look
at areas like the Donovan flour mill Gadgil these are
high density areas we are in it’s … an older
section where … I would think that … you would
probably have a truer test of exactly how successful we
are and how well our communication is getting out to
communities that we could really use it
I when I look at Ramsey Lake and I look
at new separate question and look at lively ambiance demographic
is pretty obvious I think however that being said I
agree with that
councillor cousin that we need to review the areas and
to make it more sensitive to the areas that need
more attention thank you my next question
is this a few years ago we transferred from a
plastic bags to paper bags
or the the yard waste and at that time the
cost to protest a plastic bags was five hundred and
four hundred fifty seven thousand give or take about five
hundred thousand dollars which is amazing I would like to
know exactly what the costs are now for the paper
bags and how it’s been reflected in our budget going
forward thank you
who wants to take this one this was all
I’ll be different internet okay ms Brownlee
at for you chair if I understand correctly you want
to know the cost for … it that we’re saving
for not using the plastic bags is that correct accounts
or Montreal men at a to you madam chair I
yes it is because at that time we made that
decision based on the fact that like I said it
was costing five hundred thousand to open the plastic bag
and dumped the area the yard waste on the …
the tracker that the Belcher whatever and that was seen
as something that could be addressed so I would like
to know … I exactly what the savings were and
how are they were applied in our budget going forward
because as we’re making all of these decisions it’s important
for us to know that when we decide on something
that the successor what’s been touted as being a saving
is in actual fact being realized
so that is just one point perhaps my colleagues have
by the points to bring up as well but I’d
be most interested in finding out how that how that
turned out thank you misbranding
the three madam chair … I believe if I recall
… some number of years ago these savings for removing
that from our operation was approximately sixty thousand dollars as
per year and … since removing it we’re now actually
on a new contract so that that cost simply is
not included anymore in our operations so wouldn’t be reflected
in our budgets
Mr she could you turn your camera and you have
something to add as well
yes thank you madam chair about a
I’m not sure if the cancers looking for
… an answer what was what are we doing with
the savings we made but … that strategy was a
cost avoidance strategies so
… what we did by changing that operational practice is
the void … having to increase costs to cover that
… expenditure and that was quite some time ago so
the certainly we …
I guess another way to look at it would be
is if you reverse that all C.
you would have increased costs pressure
on the tax rate of at least sixty thousand a
year and perhaps more because there certainly has been a
substantial increase in the yard waste program over the past
couple of years
councillor German you have a followup
well I think that sort of exploit instead by ten
I’d still like to know the journey of when we
make these decisions for cost savings how exactly it’s implemented
I understand Koster version of Costa
the class strategy that you’re talking about however I would
like to see that … and for the residents as
well that every decision that we make has an impact
what we’re doing we’ve gone from one bag choose one
from two garbage bags down to one garbage bag and
what the impacts are exactly and how that’s reflected in
the budgets themselves we’ve seen some increases in waste management
budgets I believe
so … … in the past that have been quite
concerning so I just like to see that journey of
how we make these decisions it’s not reflected in the
budget thank you thank you
K. moving on to a councillor Duke
thank you and your chair thank you very much for
the presentation great presentation

by us recycling and and … your organics and and
going down to the one bag or every other week
for garbage … house just belonged our landfill sites
is that a lot of the public doesn’t understand why
we’re introducing each these programs even though there there’s cost
savings but we also have to identify that we are
prolonging our our landfill sites so could you please give
us a quick explanation to that thank you misbranding
the Madame chair … it’s hard to determine exactly you
know the impact on our landfill site just over this
these last few changes … but what we do know
is you know about twenty five years ago we had
a twenty five years left in our our landfill sites
and today we still have about twenty five years left
and the reason that we haven’t gone down in the
number of years is because of all the diversion that
we’ve been doing
the duty of a follow
right now but thank you very much for that a
great explanation
just a moment comes when it does that I mean
finding also do just of it Mr courteous thing to
add to your the last one go ahead council counts
Mr you could go ahead
thank you madam chair I think another very important aspect
of what we’ve done with this diversion program is the
reduction in greenhouse gases … the green card organics program
in particular reduces organics that are deposited in the landfill
we do have a gas collection system … but it
is obviously better to divert organics from the landfill
thank you go ahead councillor took
thank you and ask you chair again … I’ve noticed
… that are are large item … like furniture not
… has been lacking and I do know that you
you know staff have being … working towards getting that
back on track
when will we be back on track
because I actually got a lot of calls thank you
know I’ve had people said they’ve called in three weeks
ago at the items still sitting at the end of
your driveway solve the question is will move back on
track and normally when you call in how long does
it take us to actually pick up these large items
thank you counsel Dookie I think a lot of people
been cleaning out their houses ms Brownlee
or should be should be miss Wessel
are you Madame chair that’s fine I can take that
question … yes that is so that the approved service
level right now is collection within two business days …
however we have had an increase in the number of
items that have been placed at the curb in other
a covert factors head that have affected our ability to
provide those services … and we do have plans underway
right now … our contractor waste management has recently hired
a subcontractor to assist us so you add may see
Heris movers are out collecting large furniture and appliances and
that that’s all in an effort to regain the approved
service level … so we’re we’re seeing the impacts of
that that’s just started last week and … I’m I’m
confident that we’re gonna make some strides in that …
quite shortly … and although I don’t have an exact
date for you at this time … I anticipate that
within the next four weeks we we should really see
some great progress that
thank you hi good councillor Duke
I’m good and thank you very much for for everything
keep up the great work thank you councillor Kerr one
thank you three winter … but I don’t want to
answer this but
in in valleys for example there’s … there’s an area
just inside the gate
where people can drive in and drop offs on their
waste and recyclables and your blue box is that having
a drive up on the big hole yes I need
a truck to bring your garbage to the at the
have you have you done any
evaluation of how much is being brought in to that
because I do know there’s been a couple times when
well I so personally if I had more than two
garbage bags
I’ll bring one myself in my in my car garages
and putting some … we start on on the road
I drive myself I know in the valley we’ve got
an awful lot of traffic every week with people hauling
garbage to a landfill site plan is this area just
inside the gate
and people can actually drive up there with a small
vehicle I know I think somebody has got on an
area like that as well but how much is being
dropped off in those areas never done the valuation
who wants to take that
okay go ahead ms Brownlee
three Madame chair of we haven’t done an evaluation in
terms of I think your question is is related to
how many people who have residential curbside collection are bringing
garbage in at the small vehicle transfer station within the
landfill sites
is that yeah I’m seeing it and I’m not there
okay exactly so no there hasn’t been that kind of
evaluation it’s hard to determine
you don’t whether you just have some extra garbage because
you’re doing some renovations … or … maybe you’re going
away for the weekend and you’re going to bring it
in yourself we have some people and as you would
have seen on Natalie’s presentation that are not participating in
the garbage collection programs they’re eligible for services but they
never have any waste out and that could be because
there’s some people who simply just don’t like to put
it out there currently rather deliver it directly to the
landfill site so it’s really hard to determine why somebody
is bringing something into the landfill site unless we you
know where to to survey … the residents as they
were were coming in … sold that type of study
has not been undertaken
councillor current
thank you Robert as a follow up
I just wanna make one comment that
it is definitely unscientific but I can tell you that
the number of complaints that I received
about boxes
being tossed around and being being thrown into ditches has
almost disappeared
so whatever message you can get out to … the
the people on the frontline please tell them that they
have done a remarkable job in terms of customer service
because our
there was a period of time where there was a
lot of people complaining that they had the bins are
being thrown all over the place and I’ve
I’m getting no complaints that effect as well
in relation to that
could you very quickly and I know this might be
just off topic on the presentation could you just very
quickly tell us
what changes people should make in terms of placing their
blue box and green cards when the snow arrives
there’s a lot of people get into a habit of
putting that there remain in a blue box of the
same place where they do during the summer and that’s
where we get into trouble when their cell phone going
I think there’s a distance that you’re supposed to keep
them away from the road Hey let’s let’s get an
answer that one I think ms that’s miss whistles jurisdiction
but we’re in the winter … absolutely correct we don’t
want them placing it out on the road … usually
placed on the Boulevard or right close to the roadway
when there is snow we don’t want to impede any
of the road maintenance or sidewalk maintenance we do ask
residents to make a cut out in the driveway where
they can place these items so cut out in the
snow bank where they can place these items
if you start early in Canada all year it is
something that is quite doable
thank you thank you okay thank you accounts of security
thank you Madame chair and … again it’s already been
said thank you for the presentation … you madam chair
I have two questions one is … we’re seeing more
residents use our green I’ve been card center blue boxes
are you finding or receiving because I didn’t see in
the report Plains about Sarah illegal dumping where maybe they’re
saying okay the city is forcing us to go to
every other week so are you getting more complaints related
to well I got garbage and
I’m not getting it’s picked up so I’m gonna take
my garbage and put in the bush or discarded and
other meats are you finding any because I didn’t see
any us the testing Cerney a logging information reflecting that
to manager thank you ms whistle
that’s correct three Madame chair this was more focused on
participation or various programs with regards to illegal dumping …
it is something that we track he we can definitely
have a look if if there is an increase but
it’s not necessarily an increasing amount of people calling saying
that they can’t meet the new collection changes our collection
limits and that they will be illegally dumping on those
types of calls are usually quite easily handled by a
customer service rep thinking I speak to the residents can
figure out what the issue is is that because they
have too much waste or the
over the weight on their waste and then they can
usually offer one of our very support programs or just
education on the diversion programs that can assist the resident
managing their waste
this is a medical
… to follow up to that … through you madam
chair if I’m not sure if the the committee would
be open to some sort of report … provided just
to … as much as we’re seeing the positives it’s
also would be interesting to see … our track are
we finding like a alluded to … situations where there
is getting more calls either through three one one or
two bylaw because of …
Roddick’s being dumped or bags being dumped … illegally just
to see if we contract that you Madame chair that’s
something that can be brought forward at the committees okay
with that
and miss was so can I just follow up on
that or miss from the
you can take a bag of garbage to the dump
for free every week can you not
hi there
yes you yes … arriving you know to bring up
to fifty kilograms per week fifty and that amounts to
about three garbage bags … you know when I it
comes to illegal dumping I I share everybody’s frustration it’s
not a new phenomenon
… while we haven’t seen any kind of significant increases
in illegal dumping at something that has always happened and
it’s really a shame because the city of greater Sudbury
has one of the most convenient and comprehensive roadside collection
program and it includes that includes unlimited leaf and yard
unlimited blue box and lived a green card unlimited furniture
and appliances all year round … and and in addition
to that like you mentioned … every
that motor vehicle receives a fifty kilogram exemption … on
a weekly basis at the landfill site so there’s really
no excuse for this behavior and in fact it seems
like those who engage in it put in more effort
than would be required to simply make use of the
available programs or go to the landfill site
thank you councillor singer did you have a followup oh
sorry and three men chair and I appreciate that it’s
just more to see if the trend since we adopted
the every other week if we found that the trend
is increasing or if it’s staying stagnant or decreasing that’s
all I was looking for I I appreciate it we
sheet that we have all measures covered … that’s not
what I’m looking for I’m just trying to see if
there is an increase in that area and … maybe
it’s just a little bit more better if if it’s
a little additional communication that needs to be going out
to … does residents are those individuals that choose not
to … utilize the services that are being provided that’s
the only reason I was requesting that … my other
question you Madame chair is now that we’ve adopted for
the residential are we looking at so … … for
businesses and with the green program because whether you’re going
to shopping malls and restaurants
they probably put out a lot of waste … that
could be diverted from our landfill Lake the garbage into
actual green or blue box set type of format so
you Madame chair is that the next step on education
piece and growing the program … just more for the
committee’s information thank you misspelling
through you madam chair yes I definitely agree those would
be our next steps … in terms of a blue
box recycling … there is a different service a provincial
legislation that is in place … for different sectors to
have recycling in place um in terms of organics we
do have very limited program right now … and as
some of the details of that would have been in
the order of food and organic waste update report that
was provided to the committee a couple of months ago
… so right now are we have limitations on the
capacity that we can process at the landfill sites are
are processing area is within the waste disposal footprint of
the landfill site and and it is limited so …
as we look to add and
to gain more capacity through some different options for either
the short term or the long term then we’ll be
able to odd more onto our program
K. council sitting right here okay thank him laugh can
because some costs and did you have you got cut
off did you have one last thing to say I
think that everyone I think everyone has spoken
go ahead yes through you … the manager just want
to say … yes what … council laundry Altmann said
I’d love to see if we can think of a
different set of criteria for the next time we’re out
to make sure that we’re covering the city in a
different way … and that we ensure we cover of
the areas that are predominantly rental … and also the
other day I was suddenly realizing I had three bags
because I had done some cleaning up around the house
it was like what am I going to do with
the garbage it’s Saturday and it’s all I walked drover
just around the corner to the local corner store bought
ten bag tags and it was a problem so that
program is fantastic it’s great to see the uptake in
that as well and thank you so much for everything
okay thank you very much thank you to both of
you and your team for the incredible work you’ve done
since twenty sixteen I’m really pleased with the results that
we’re seeing in our … diversion of our waste and
our … carbon footprint … production as well so thank
you both
get moving on to managers reports I’m I’m just gonna
ask the clerk we had to cancel our October eighteenth
meeting these two managers reports were on the October eighteenth
while the rest of them the on the agenda was
on the October eighteenth … but the live stream wasn’t
working so I just want to turn over to the
clerk to explain … what we have to do to
thank you interview I’m because the previous meeting cannot continue
because if the audio issue … all the items from
that agenda were carried over to the current agenda of
for the consideration of the committee and we will proceed
with … each report as per usual and a vote
on the items that do have resolutions attached
thank you thank you for us so we’re going to
proceed now to manage just report of five point one
… parking restrictions panache north shore road in Walton this
report provides a recommendation regarding restricting parking on the north
side a panache road north shore road west of panache
Lake Road I and I’m going to ask the clerk
to read the resolution I will move it and vice
chair sitting ready will second
do we move in seconded the city of greater Sudbury
prohibits parking on the north side of Penn national north
shore road from panache Lake Road to five hundred meters
west of panache Lake Road as outlined in the report
entitled parking restrictions panache north shore road Walton from the
general manager of growth in infrastructure presented at the operations
committee meeting on November fifteenth twenty twenty one and that
the city of greater Sudbury direct staff to repair bylaw
to man traffic and parking bylaw twenty ten dash one
to implement the recommended changes
are there any questions or comments on this resolution
seeing hearing none is there anyone a poster was job
stand from this resolution
and it is carried
manage support five point two parking restrictions by Bond Street
in as other this report provides a recommendation regarding restricting
parking on Bourbon street in a cell that there is
a resolution I will move this resolution and vice chair
a senior ready will seconded and of course
do the moved and seconded the city of greater separate
separate prohibits parking at all times of the day on
both sides of Abbas Street from two hundred and twenty
five metres south of Saint Agnes St two to four
hundred and fifty meters south of Saint Agnes Street as
outlined in the report entitled parking restrictions but last three
is L. that from the general manager of growth in

infrastructure presented at the operations committee meeting on November fifteenth
twenty twenty one and that the city of greater Sudbury
direct staff to prepare a bylaw to man traffic and
parking bylaw twenty ten dash one to implement the recommended
thank you are there any questions or comments on this
seeing hearing none are there anybody wishing to of stain
or are Jack to this resolution
hearing none it is carried thank you very much moving
on to referred to deferred matters … we have the
operation of recreational vehicle dumpsites at wastewater treatment facilities this
report provides a recommendation regarding the recreational vehicle RV dump
sites at separate Valley Easton Chelmsford waste water treatment plants
based on updated operational and safety assessments so I’m just
to give you a bit of a recap on to
be received the report on September this twentieth and twenty
twenty one we received an overview and we had a
number there are a number of questions … and we
asked for so the report was deferred to to our
October eighteenth meeting are to provide more information I docked
over the eighteenth the live stream wasn’t working and we
had to cancel our meeting so we’re going to pick
up … what we’re going to do when I’m going
to do is ask … … Mr Loken we have
a supplementary report with the … information that we requested
as a result of our conversation in September I’m gonna
ask Mr looking pleased to provide an overview of the
supplementary report and I understand Mr doing tell is here
as well if there are any … financial issues or
financial information that the wish to share so Mr Logan
thank you Madame tearing through due to the members of
the committee
the first thing I would like to do in relation
to the report is clarify …
our understanding around the difference in cost savings and cost
avoidance in the initial presentation as part of the September
operations committee a discussion was held around whether a reduction
in labor costs would go qualify as cost savings as
B. RV dump service is currently not a budget in
service it is paid for out of general waste water
operating accounts it would not be considered a cost savings
as a result would be a cost avoidance and I
want to ensure that it was made clear … as
I did not appropriately … explain it in the September
meeting … with a subsequent report that was submitted in
October … and that we’re presenting today we did go
through and provide additional addition number of options based on
the feedback from members of the committee so we had
four scenarios that were provided … the first Nerio was
minor modifications at all sites so that was the sub
Revelli east central street side on those minor modifications would
be required to meet our future AOG requirements accessibility for
Ontarians with disabilities act and also to address some of
the concerns around payments and the collection of user fees
are the second scenario was minor modifications at all the
sites and then reducing operating hours essentially trapping the operating
hours are at the very least and … children sites
the third scenario was performing … one of the capital
options that was presented in the initial report of the
value site doing water qualifications of subgrade Chelmsford and the
fourth was doing capital upgrades apple valley east and the
Kelley the profitability with minor modifications are transferred … have
a financial assessment was done of these four options based
on some additional RV dump site data use that was
presented I am providing … information on calculated A. back
based on a fifteen dollar user fee which would be
generally get along with alternate service providers are due to
the capital costs involved
with these facilities of and the labor costs involved in
a number of the options only one of the options
presented which would be … upgraded the valley east side
presented any kind of payback at all and not option
how to expertly eight year pay back period
the report also did … reference three one one call
data … pertaining to RV dump site complaints M. to
spill reports as that was a concern raised by members
of the committee in the in the previous … presentation
in September and thanks to the staff at three one
one for assisting me we were able to determine that
since January twenty twenty we have had a total of
seven calls three three one one to complain about …
P. dumpsites three for the valley state three for the
Chelmsford site and one for the Kelly Lake Road side
and we had one called to report a spill of
material from a recreational vehicle on a public roadway well
we did send out our environmental compliance officers immediately after
receiving the complaint and it was to
and actually that it was water and that it was
not to any deleterious substance that was being spilled from
a vehicle finally there was a small update on safety
concerns that have been raised as a result of the
first report as this report is also being considered by
the operations joint health and safety committee which is made
up of management and worker representatives from our operating groups
including representatives from wastewater treatment I’d be happy to answer
any further questions I don’t want to go too long
on my summary as obviously were a little bit tough
time constraint today and I’m happy to answer any questions
from what you were the committee but after
thank you … one of the December take questions at
this questions on the report that … Mr looking just
explain to us and then we’ll read the resolution following
that so are there any questions with regard to the
that’s occurring
anyone else consummate costume
okay go ahead counts occur when
thank you through you Mr Loken Mr local
but why was there no
our option but shows no T.
my concern is maintaining it as a free service
really decided whether we want to have a seat
charge and
I I think I would of I would like to
see just what it would look like if there was
no fear the only capital upgrades you need
where the air
did you how have you looked at that option was
not featured Mr Logan
through you madam chair a chance for the councillors question
we provided to all the scenarios and supplementary report with
a fee as that was the direction we received from
operations committee in September was to provide payback our calculations
on each of the scenarios presented we did … presented
in the initial report in September there was a presentation
… one of the options if no fee was collected
at the sites were maintained in the current configurations I
was scenario one in the initial September report
councillor Kevin thank you okay as a follow up with
respect to the labor charges my understanding is that there
was a period of time I can’t remember how far
where the people who use the
RV dump sites
just have to sign in and there was no labor
costs they did it on our own and and again
my understanding now is that when a vehicle pulls in
our staff member comes down to have them sign
the board or whatever
there’s been no incidents are in my memory there’s been
no issues of mental problems why do we have to
go to having a staff member supervising time was open
… and how far back was that because Mr Logan
three eleven chair … I can go back in the
records are councillor and determine the exact date but …
the dates my time at the city … is from
what I understand it’s been a period of approximately sixty
eight years so we’ve been supplementing … this service with
casual operators during peak periods … there are duties …
some users that come to the site are very confident
in the maneuvering of their vehicle and the just charging
a waste from their vehicle they required assistance but there
are numerous users that come to the site that require
assistance to safely maneuver their vehicle into the facility and
to safely discharge material into the plant … so the
addition of those personnel was seen as a risk mitigation
… to the city as
you know the … the safety requirements at industrial facilities
continue to change over time and that was the decision
made back from
as a growing interest just as a quick follow up
it’ll be nice to know when that change occurred when
you start have the staff member there because
there’s never been assistance never been staff help
never been a need for people have contests and help
in the in the valley anyway maneuvering their RV so
it just seems to me is if it’s an unnecessary
expense it’s
it’s nice if we have the staff
but if it’s not going to be considered a cost
saving and I guess my question is why should it
be considered a cost
if it’s on budget then why we even including if
we can’t included as a savings if we go with
the fee by T. D. M. if we will be
charged we wouldn’t have any labor there
so he’s still not dealing with people who need help
maneuvering RV’s we start dealing with people who don’t know
how to use the plans they can pay for it
but they may not know how to use it I
just don’t see the need for labor
and if we don’t have the need for labor
we can operate status quo
with no capital upgrades other than the … A. T.
and no the for service
it was working fine before and I think that’s when
we get to the motion that’s what I’m going to
be present it was working fine before we don’t have
to make any changes so
so I don’t think it was that long ago that
was started with the labor
right turn obviously it’s over six years anyway business points
I want to make
Mr looking would you like to respond
I’m from the perspective of offering the operators there or
having the operators present we believed it was a reasonable
action to maintain the safety of our work places of
your we have a duty as an employer to safeguard
our employees and our workplaces as much as possible under
the occupational health and safety act and we believe having
those casual operators there for field that altercation to the
best of our abilities are to maintain the sites as
status quo … would not solve some of the inherent
safety issues
with the sights we have had a number of incidents
… this year of a separate waste water plant …
with operational vehicles … and … collisions between … recreational
vehicles and a city vehicle and we would require some
… changed operating hours or a change to the ical
well to address those concerns as well
thank you I’m going to move over to council a
thank you very much and through your chair McIntosh you
know on that point it reminds me of something that
are a risk manager Mr Robert waltz mentioned to me
you’re only liable in two two occasions when you do
something you know you’re not supposed to do
and we don’t do something you know you’re supposed to
it’s staff determined that
these people are necessary for the safe operation of the
and we’ve actually already had a report presented to operations
committee with that explicitly stated and identifying the two accidents
in twenty twenty one alone at the Kelly lakeside
I don’t believe that it’s reasonable for us as of
board directors of the corporation of the city of greater
Sudbury to
I would consider
eliminating the operators if we’re going to be continuing a
service like this because of the risks that it would
leave us open to and a liability that we count
on money because someone was ransom across one of the
last one in the future of the site and that’s
certainly not something I I’m comfortable with well … just
thinking about that that’s the thing cancer Kerr went went
through chair of your back to us my first question
was that
why can’t we operate the RB dumping sites without supervision
and is there anything else to add to why can’t
we operate the RP states without supervision or did you
kind of covered off the Mr Logan street okay
are you better sure I hope I’ve covered it off
I don’t know what else I went out of this
do you have another question council because on
V. I just wanted to ask … through you about
the the reason for cost recovery or at least trying
to match the the rates the private sector so we
tried to set it at about fifteen dollars in the
report fifteen or thirty on the two they’re suggested and
that’s the match the
right sector … what’s being offered for the service as
well as to ensure that there’s some degree of cost
recovery which I think aligns our user fee bylaw are
sort of philosophy on ensuring that people who pay for
things … are the people who benefit from them from
services whenever possible is that correct and that’s option through
Mr Logan through you madam chair that would be correct
with the the the option of charging user fees I
would be so that it is not a fees a
service that is subsidized completely through the wastewater rates that
are collected from all water based water customers from the
city or suburb
can some custom
thank you and the three men chair I certainly agree
with that and I don’t see why we should be
subsidizing a service for RB owners from greater summary and
also possibly from anywhere of someone who might be pulling
a hundred fifty thousand dollars fifth wheel behind an eighty
thousand dollar truck and so my my last question is
about the the the new update that identifies the staff
works the private sector to determine whether there was interest
to provide the service in the private sector which I
understand is also the norm in a lot of cities
and I want to ask you how did that go
what was the process and it said that there was
great enthusiasm of
any stopping points are what is required for someone in
the private sector I had this service to their portfolio
and … R. how do we seek moving forward with
potentially exploring that further a based on the report and
thank you Mr Loken
through you madam chair hot
definitely more complex question … we did engage as part
of the report that was presented in September of that
report had a number of inputs one of the input
reports was done by consulting firm called VPS date contacted
on our behalf a number of businesses in the area
and conducted to a relatively anonymous survey as we don’t
have any authorization from councillor or any intent at that
point to transition to private sector it was simply a
gauge of interest in the community and they found a
number of it of of businesses both … gas stations
and RV dealerships which tend to align towards this providing
the service due to their normal line of business who
were interested in and participating in this service if it
was available … for them to do so the easiest
connection would be if you have said business was already
being serviced by us you just water and wastewater infrastructure
they would simply have to connect to eight a drop
point a pipe with an appropriate containment area into their
existing sewer line … in discussions with our environmental compliance
officers … as long as we were reasonably certain that
the material being consistently T. just charged with domestic wastewater
and that we weren’t receiving any hazardous materials that would
be in contravention of the sewer use bylaw there would
be no over strength agreements required under the sewer use
bylaw and no additional charges not respect … if the
infrastructure in the area with suitable oftentimes with businesses that
are just charging increased or what we consider be considered
hazardous materials into the stores will other will require the
installation of a manhole for testing purposes so that we
can collect an appropriate sample to periodically test out material
and determine if it is in accordance with the series
pilot but in each situation … each installation in our
community there may be a manhole nearby already of the
the business may put in sufficient controls that we don’t
think the installation of a test manhole would be necessary
so that would be assessed on a case by case
basis and of course we would be interested in making
it as easy as possible for any business that would
want to to participate in in order to fulfill our
our mandate as a citizen and a service oriented
city for how we actually … interface with businesses and
develop this interest long term we already had a you
know an actual discussions with economic development and they would
be willing to assist us and and discussing this with
business owners and facilitating our businesses in and developing the
services in the future
so I hope that adequately answers the question at this
point councillor
okay council Michelson
okay good I have councillor Duke but
thank you it’s your your church you Mr Auckland
how many businesses
private businesses within sector your or separate area … from
south East West and north
already provide the services within within our area could answer
that question please Mr looking
through you madam chair … in the initial report in
September outlined … six campgrounds that
provided the service
currently … does include provincial campgrounds both windy Lake and
Fairbanks and a number of private campgrounds the distribution of
those facilities tends to skewed towards the west and the
south of Sudbury … there is little representation and in
the northeast part of separate from those existing facilities at
the moment
councillor Duke
thank you in and that’s it for now okay thank
are there any other okay sorry I apologize future you
did mention that you would need to Russian from council
to move forward …
to discuss or have have water wastewater department have conversations
with the private sector McCracken none Mr Logan
through you madam chair yeah it’s
it’s our stance but so we’re currently providing the service
and we’re looking for direction from operations committee and council
as to the future of the service as we provide
it … and then any other future auctions and and
if council wishes to … direct us to begin discussions
with private industry or to you … formally assess levels
of interest with private industry we feel would be best
to get direction from council to do so
okay thank you
just a quick follow up to that ten okay go
ahead we apologize future

so then to the church through today’s meeting then we
would have to someone can give you some kind of
direction even to enter into discussions west St cosco which
is looking at opening up a twenty four …
the … twenty four pumps at that cosco and they
you know they may want to check on that service
themselves um C. I’m assuming we would have to
bring some sort of direction toward today where you had
to enter into that conversation
Mr looking I believe that’s what you said about I’m
sure that would be that would be our request a
staff to receive clear direction from operations committee on that
okay thank you thank you are there any other questions
on the report
okay seeing hearing and I’m gonna ask them Madame clerk
to read the resolution as printed in the agenda
may have a mover in second please
I will move it
but I’m sure is it possible to split
it was a
number one into
what we do with the closure and they want to
do with the installation of yes yes we can we
can split them so on concurrence of the of the
red there remained the balance of the committee please is
there anyone in opposition to splitting the resolution
councillor because what comes in the costume okay Medmenham for
could you take a roll call vote please
councillor singer Eddie
and stories that voting no means not to split it
correct correct through manager yes
so now
councilman calls and
councillor current
yes councillor Duke
councillor laundry Allman
councillor McIntosh no
I’m sorry lost on the tie
okay so we’ll carry on Madame for could you please
read the resolution
but you’re right because I can second that the resolution
if you can thank you so I missed that part
thank you do we moved and seconded that the city
of greater Sudbury approves one the closure of the recreational
vehicle dumpsites at the valley east in Chelmsford what waste
water treatment plants due to safety and operational concerns and
to the installation of an automated payment system and required
accessibility modifications at the Sabri waste water treatment plant at
an estimated installation costs of thirteen thousand one hundred eighty
four dollars with annual operating costs approximately forty six thousand
eight hundred and twelve dollars per year to be funded
from the waste water operating fund
as outlined in the report entitled operation of recreational vehicle
dumpsites at wastewater treatment facilities from the general manager of
growth in infrastructure presented at the operations committee meeting on
November fifteenth twenty twenty one and that the city of
greater separate direct staff to prepare a business case to
determine an appropriate user feet itchy full cost recovery for
inclusion in the twenty twenty two budget
thank you are there any questions or comments and I
can touch council because I
thank you I I have a … weren’t the clerk
has an amendment that I have or I would like
to move in terms of the Duke would like to
second … to be considered as the alternatives what the
minute changes much of it to create basically an alternative
resolution for our consideration is committee I would ask if
we could … I’ll put that up on the screen
for committee to consider can we have a put up
on the screen please
let’s let’s wait
you people can read along Fifth
okay madam clerk if you wanna resent
the amendment would read the resolution be amended to replace
the resolution with the following that the city of greater
Sudbury approved the closure of the recreational vehicle dumpsites at
the valley he said bring Chelmsford wastewater treatment plants due
to safety and operational concerns and that the city of
greater Sudbury direct staff to support any efforts from local
businesses to provide RV dumping facilities and to continue to
charge any RP dumping facility he waste water fees based
on their water consumption and that the city of greater
Sudbury direct staff to prepare a business case for making
our RV campground dumping facilities available to the general public
with which considers an appropriate user fee to achieve full
cost recovery for inclusion in the twenty twenty two budget
thank you … council because it could you just clarify
what you mean by our RV campground dumping facilities
thank you very much into your chair McIntosh the
councillor do can I had a conversation this morning where
we suddenly realized in the middle the conversation that the
City great separate actually operates six RB dumping facilities
only three at the … from our different wastewater treatment
plants but three as well and are different … be
campgrounds so elevate your caper all … whitewater near Zelda
and Centennial near lively and … rather than trying to
continue maintaining all six of trying to do these upgrades
that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
it is suddenly realized that as well as hopefully the
private sector stepping in to provide some of the services
that we could potentially open up those RV campground dumping
facilities to the general public at present they charged eight
dollars and fifty cents for overnight campers to use the
facilities at your be campgrounds perhaps it’s fifteen dollars of
for someone else to come in and use them and
ultimately my understanding is that
the difference would be … of actor truck coming to
pump it out maybe more regularly and that cost would
likely be covered by the user fee if we set
it apart well it would be if we sell appropriate
and so that’s the idea behind this as well as
of yet if you see in the second clause there’s
it and to continue to charge any RB dumping facility
wastewater fees based on their water consumption of that refers
to through a conversation I had with Mr located where
are you looking at the sewer bylaw the only real
hiccup because it sounds like it’s quite straightforward to drop
the pipe down to your sewer pipe and create a
little concrete pad on the on the ground level you
run a hose from the side of the building rinsing
and you have yourself an RB dumping
he really doesn’t require any specializing for structure it could
help drive traffic to local businesses and it’s not rocket
science so in order to help facilitate that one other
problem would be that the sewer bylaw says we might
have to charge an estimated extra fee for sewer because
you’re using extra
this would say for those are the dumping facilities in
the private sector don’t worry about it just charge them
normally based on their water use as one hopefully added
incentive to help realize this in the private sector so
I hope that’s all clear … if there’s any questions
I think that … myself or council do could be
happy to answer them and perhaps council Duke might have
something to add to this as well a manager thank
you thank you S. the second err a counselor do
do you have anything to add
and thank you and and thank you Mr councillor calling
for this
… because I mean yes we get out of this
discussion and I just wanted to make sure that we
were really covering all the bases coming in from the
south east or west or north and I think with
this motion we’ve covered all the bases it also gives
us an opportunity to showcase our our campsites to newcomers
to the city … and … … you know give
stop tearing to
to allow the private sector to get involved in this
but like I say there’s up a potential opportunity with
cosco with Walmart with future gas stations being developed within
the city so there’s a … a great potential here
for the private sector to get involved … and I
do believe that now we are … accommodating everybody in
separate … from where you live to access the this
this service so that’s all after that thank you thank
you are there any questions from the committee
close your current
I’m sorry I can’t hear
councillor coronas okay go ahead councillor when
I’m just wondering
what is the actual distance
into the Catholic
thank you they … A. Kalka the actual distance from
the mineral
in our view driver would have to drive
I don’t I don’t have a map here I’ve been
there I don’t think it’s that far outside of keep
real but … is there someone on staff who knows
the distance from caper all … to Ella Lake
miniature writer I don’t believe that information is available that
said Mr Chetcuti here okay but it’s that’s important information
we can certainly …
assist but in this case
but I I guess Madame Sherrod
suffice it to say it’s a long drive
with an RV and it’s a long drive from the
valley to get to that
as steps are campgrounds
closing all of the science
it is not gonna be seen well by the public

I don’t think it’s the solution
so it’s up to the committee
thank you … I will I I saw your hand
councillor Duke isn’t or anyone else … from the committee
wishes to ask a question
I have a comment
okay we’ll go over to council to do
thank you chair
and I mean again people coming in from let’s see
you’ve been camping out in behind caper all I mean
this is a great opportunity that if you’re camping in
the bush you can pull into a lake and used
to dump site there
… otherwise you know what people coming in from the
north coming in from the cells coming in from the
east they they can access
these facilities no problem … so again you know and
it gives us an opportunity now for our campsites to
generate more dollars as we move forward here so I
think this motion … this resolution here … really delivers
everything that we need to deliver to the to the
city and we’re not closing something we’re giving all terminals
this is an alternate
so let’s not look at something that we’re closing but
we’re enhancing and using an alternate site thank you
thank you are there any other questions
seeing and hearing none is there anyone in opposition to
the amendment
I am in opposition okay Madame for could you please
conduct the roll call vote
council Michelson
you have to say that larger council because when
yes thank you
he also occur when
councillor Duke
councillor Andre Olman
councillor security
sure McIntosh yes in the motion is carried thank you
very much now we need to
… read the resolution as amended and I can I
get consensus from the committee not to re read
the motion as amended is anyone in opposition
okay then I will call the question again on the
motion as amended could you please conductor … Covell please
madam clerk
madam madam chair do we still need number two if
we accepted the amendment we didn’t know we did not
we didn’t we amended the whole thing we didn’t separate
promotion remember that’s okay okay … could you conduct the
roll call vote please councillor current
councillor Duke
also laundry Allman
councillor C. ready
yes councillor Michelson
turn McIntosh yes
and it is carried thank you to council because when
the Duke for your work on this this report and
and Mr looking of course it’s been three months of
Mr looking asking answering questions on this particular report
thank you very much so moving on we have members
motions we have one members motion
… could be have it put up on the screen
it’s in the report yes in the report
in Q.
and accounts McCaslin is second I’m moving this … I
will seconded
Ahmed I’m for could be have it read please
do you moved and seconded whereas the residents of his
elder have presented a petition to the operations committee calling
for sidewalks on not to James Street Easton as of
the end whereas our complete streets policy is still under
development in our damn Street east is presently in inhospitable
for pedestrians and cyclists and whereas section six of the
twenty nineteen dash twenty twenty seven city of greater Sudbury
strategic plan create healthier communities states the city must continue
to invest in active transportation and sustainability trance sustainable transportation
therefore be it resolved that the city of greater Sudbury
direct staff to prepare a report that provides information on
how active transportation facilities can be incorporated into the future
renew all of the Notre Dame street east nestled up
from east of Saint Thomas street to M. R. thirty
five to be presented to the operations committee
in Q. 12022
thank you accounts Michelson
thank you very much Jim McIntosh and my email the
clerks the … the petition that was collected by residents
of the solar earlier this summer but this is a
really this was the number one thing when I knocked
on doors in a sold out of every issue at
the city I mean roads was a big one but
the it was shocking to hear how many people were
so concerned that there was no
dextrin or active transportation connection between the center of a
Zelda and a that’s important because a lot of people
go to the Tim Hortons but the beat the entire
birch street neighbourhood which goes down from that side of
town and so there’s a lot of
businesses along that stretch that of people want to access
houses along that main roads and it connects to a
bunch of neighborhoods that currently are only accessible by car
or you have to walk along the shore the narrow
shoulder very busy street … in discussion with … Mr
Rathke and the team to transportation and traffic we determine
that sidewalks are really expensive might not make sense so
this is saying okay well what should we do tend
to ask for report that looks at the different options
looks that are lands that we have there … and
presents us with those options for our consideration because in
twenty twenty three looking like maybe twenty twenty four that
road will be slotted for resurface and so my hope
is that we can start now to ensure that we
know what the best way to put that road back
together if we have to complete streets policy under way
already figured out this will probably be happening automatically seeing
as how that’s not in place yet my hope is
that we can make sure that
and hopefully address that
connection in this community … make it safer and healthier
for people to get around and … respond to so
many of the citizens requests I think it’s it’s I
didn’t add up again but right before but I think
it’s in the order of four hundred or so of
five hundred or so signatures and I really think that
this is something that is top of mind for that
community so hoping for the support of committee in doing
this evaluation and bring back this report for our consideration
thank you thank you are there any questions or comments
on the resolution
seeing hearing none is there anyone in opposition … wish
to stand from this motion
and then it is carried thank you very much councillor
because on
okay we have one correspondence for information only blue box
recycling transition update on this report provides information regarding the
province is approval of the final blue box regulation which
makes producers of designated blue box materials fully responsible for
the operation and financing of the blue box program and
highlights future considerations that will be brought free for the
committee for review at a later date are there any
questions on this information only report
seeing hearing none we have no addendum … is Civic
petitions council because and you have a civic petition then
to …
provide to us go ahead
so chair McIntosh I’ve emailed the the documents with the
petition signatures to the clerk’s office and it has six
hundred and seventy two signatures on it … calling for
sidewalks are active transportation and … as old along that
stretch so just wanted to have that officially dropped us
at this committee meeting
thank you
they haven’t this
okay are there any other civic petitions
that we got
2034 minutes
anyone have any questions
seeing and hearing none I we have a motion to
he said this meeting is now adjourned at three twenty
anyone in opposition to that
we are adjourned good afternoon everyone thanks for a great



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